Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids may seem like an impossible task, but if you use a few of the following tips your trip to the beach will be a breeze! So go ahead, plan that vacation to 30A and hit the road!

Car Activities | Go ahead and break out some of your childhood favorites, like “I Spy” , “The Grocery Game”, and host a spelling bee! Even if the games don’t last for long, they’ll keep the kids occupied between classic activities like coloring or watching movies. If you’re looking to get a little more creative try a round of team storytelling where each passenger in the car says one line to keep the story flowing!

Travel Map | If you’re tired of the question, “Are we there yet?”. Then create a travel map for your kids so they can visualize where they are headed and how much further left to travel. An easy way to do to this is to print out a map of your trip and tape to a cookie sheet. Either purchase or create magnets with a car, names of towns you will be passing through. This allows for your kids to stay engaged in the trip and have fun moving the pieces around!

Backseat Snacks | Prior to leaving for your trip, prep several snack size baggies filled with (mostly) healthy snacks. Having snacks available for your kids to grab to eat whenever they would like during the trip will solve lots of travel related problems. Giving your kids some autonomy by allowing them familiar food choices and no hangry meltdowns will go a long way toward making your trip a breeze. Oh, and it’s going to save you loads of money!

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What are your favorite tips for traveling with kids? Let us know!

Article by John Wellborn