How to Take the Best iPhone Beach Photos

No trip to the beach is complete without making sure you capture memories of your time on 30A! Even if you are just taking photos from your phone, you can still take quality images of the beach to share with your family and friends!

Sunset & Sunrise
The 30A community is known for its magnificent sunrises and sunsets. If you’re set on capturing the perfect beach photo, a sunrise or sunset is a given! Arrive a little early and find your perfect spot for your photo. Once you’ve taken your photo - sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty that 30A has to offer.

Search Out Color
The beach is the perfect place to capture vibrant bursts of color! Whether you're capturing shots of the water or the homes that line the coast, you'll easily find pops of color. Venture off the beach to photograph the quaint streets of neighborhoods that each have their own personality and colors that are just ready to be captured.

Use Burst or Live Mode
Burst mode is a quick way to rapidly capture several photos at once, making this the perfect tool to use for the beach. Catch waves crashing, seagulls flying, or a fun shot of someone jumping in the waves. If you have a newer iPhone you can capture your photos using live mode which captures a quick clip and gives a whole new perspective to beach photos!

One of the best ways to capture the entire essence of the beach is with a panorama! Find a center spot on the beach that will capture the best of the scenery around you, and go!

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Article by John Wellborn